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Denial. Anger. Depression. Anxiety. Hurt. Molestation. Promiscuity. Misguidance. Poverty. Ignorance. Pride. Hate. Addiction. Discrimination. Racism. Abuse. Mental Illness. Low Self-Esteem. Blame. These words, these experiences, and many of these hidden and untreated conditions have held and continue to hold so many men and women in bondage. Moreover, they are the reasons why individuals have been unable to push themselves to higher limits. While there are many who were able to seek help or naturally overcome life’s obstacles, there are still those who either don’t know how to overcome these circumstances, have lost hope, or simply do not have the necessary resources in their communities to get the quality care and help they need. That’s where Authentic Release comes in!

This organization was founded by Shannon Martin, a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP). Shannon herself battled with childhood trauma and mental illness, and unfortunately had many years of suffering in silence. Shannon has a true passion for helping those battling with mental illness and addiction and is a huge advocate for therapy and spiritual support.

Shannon is the proud owner of Health Releaf, an independent medical facility specializing in Family Medicine, Substance & Alcohol Abuse Treatment, Counseling/Therapy and Mental Health Services. Shannon has used her own story, past experiences, and the ways that she overcame adversity as a source of encouragement and inspiration for others to do the same.

Through collaboration with communities, mental health professionals, policymakers, and other organizations, Shannon truly believes that we can create a world where mental health is valued, understood, and supported.

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